I started my blog with Blogger and I am slowly trying to move everything over here.

I am not a great speller (thankfully some genius came up with spell check) and my grammar could use some work.  So if you are expecting this to be perfect, you are in the wrong place.

I read mostly romances… which are mostly paranormal.

I am just a girl who loves books and I love to talk about books.  My reviews are my honest opinions and I tend to write my reviews like I’m talking to my best friend. So there is some cursing,  I try to avoid it but sometimes there’s just no other way to get my point across! I do not give a description of the plot, you can get that from the Authors blurb. I hate repeating what’s already been said. I just talk about the characters and events.  If there are any spoilers I do put that on the first line of my post. Because there are books that are impossible (at least for me) to review without giving a little bit away.

I hope you enjoy!