Until You by Penelope Douglas

20803962Until You by Penelope Douglas
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

I wasn’t a huge fan of Bully. I hate Jared. I think his excuses for treating Tate like shit are complete garbage. I enjoy a good love/hate relationship as much as the next girl but this just isn’t that. When you have a love/hate relationship the hate is mean of course but there is always the undercurrent of teasing. Jared straight ruined Tate’s life for no reason but that he was fucked in the head. He WANTED to hurt her. I just can’t get over that. I thought maybe by reading the story from his POV that I would think differently but really it made me hate him more. Because even in his mind he wanted her to cry. He wasn’t thinking that he wanted to punish her because he secretly loved her, he just wanted to cause her pain. I know that later he realized that he has loved her the whole time but still. While he was actually doing the horrible things he was just thinking that he fucking hated her. I also think that Tate gave in WAY too easily. Um if a guy ruined a couple years out of my life I would NEVER ever give him another chance. Geez and later on when the tape got out and they found out that Jared wasn’t the one who sent it, she effing apologized to HIM! ARE YOU KIDDING?!?!? He has tormented her for years. She should not apologize for not trusting him right away. I understand that he realized that he loved her and did a complete 180 but what the hell else should she think?

Im sorry but I can’t get into this relationship. It is totally fucked up. He freaking ruined years of her life… I don’t get it. Im going to read the next book because so many people recommend this to me and I am hoping that Madoc isn’t as big of a jackass and Jared is. I seriously doubt it, but I have hope.


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