Forever Love by Kimberly Cummons

29071311Forever Love by Kimberly Cummons
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I received this book at the Goodreads Lovers of Paranormal group for free in exchange for a fair and honest review
3.5 stars

I enjoyed this book.. I really did but there were some things that I found irritating about it.

1-Cassie accepted her immortality way too easily. Um, if someone kidnapped me and injected me with who know what, I would be freaking the hell out. I wouldn’t just accept something just because some hot guy says it. I would be thinking “okay what does this kidnapper want now”. Just because a guy says he won’t hurt you doesn’t mean it’s true. Cassie was just like ‘oh okay’.

2-After her kidnapping you would think that she would I don’t know need a breather before jumping some guy she just met bones. Or am I just crazy? Think about it though. She is all over Keegan. She was just kidnapped, found out her live has 100% changed and she can live forever. So what does Cassie do? She makes out with a guy she literally just met and she has nicknamed dangerous. Riiiiiight. Seems legit.

3-There were misspellings. Everyone who has ever read any of my reviews, knows that I can’t spell anything right and my grammar is appalling. It’s no secret. I freely admit it. So if I notice errors in a book… I think they have to be kind of really bad.

Okay there are also a lot of things that I liked about the book.

There were a lot of characters.. like a lot. I usually don’t enjoy that because it’s hard to keep them all separate. Especially when it’s the first book. But Kimberly Cummons didn’t confuse me with her many characters. I was able to keep them straight and not confuse them. There were a few times I had to re-read some things but for the most part the characters were strong enough that I didn’t confuse them.

I also LOVED the Aeterni storyline as a whole. Being immortal is something that is interesting enough but I loved that she took it a step farther and made a whole new ‘race’ of men and the fact that Cassie is the first female immortal. It was different and I think there are a lot of places that Cummons can go with it.

The ending made it seem like there would be more books.. I hope there are more books. I will defiantly be reading them.


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