Until You by Penelope Douglas

20803962Until You by Penelope Douglas
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

I wasn’t a huge fan of Bully. I hate Jared. I think his excuses for treating Tate like shit are complete garbage. I enjoy a good love/hate relationship as much as the next girl but this just isn’t that. When you have a love/hate relationship the hate is mean of course but there is always the undercurrent of teasing. Jared straight ruined Tate’s life for no reason but that he was fucked in the head. He WANTED to hurt her. I just can’t get over that. I thought maybe by reading the story from his POV that I would think differently but really it made me hate him more. Because even in his mind he wanted her to cry. He wasn’t thinking that he wanted to punish her because he secretly loved her, he just wanted to cause her pain. I know that later he realized that he has loved her the whole time but still. While he was actually doing the horrible things he was just thinking that he fucking hated her. I also think that Tate gave in WAY too easily. Um if a guy ruined a couple years out of my life I would NEVER ever give him another chance. Geez and later on when the tape got out and they found out that Jared wasn’t the one who sent it, she effing apologized to HIM! ARE YOU KIDDING?!?!? He has tormented her for years. She should not apologize for not trusting him right away. I understand that he realized that he loved her and did a complete 180 but what the hell else should she think?

Im sorry but I can’t get into this relationship. It is totally fucked up. He freaking ruined years of her life… I don’t get it. Im going to read the next book because so many people recommend this to me and I am hoping that Madoc isn’t as big of a jackass and Jared is. I seriously doubt it, but I have hope.


Blood Obsession by L.E. Wilson

28195637Blood Obsession by L.E. Wilson
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Oh Aiden. I love you. Seriously, he was amazing. I still haven’t read Blood Hunger, but I do have a copy of it now, so I do plan to read it. But as of right now I don’t see Nik being any better than Aiden. He was just yummy. He is British and has a fantastic sense of humor. He is my ideal man. Sure he is possessed by a demon but ehh.. worse things could happen.. right?

So Aiden wakes up in grain.. literally covered in grain silo and he has no recollection of how he got there. He runs into Grace, who is spying one some random guys in suits, and finds out he is in China of all place. I liked Keira from the last book. She had to be a strong character to be able to deal with Luuk. But I LOVE Grace. She was weird and quirky and hellloo she had a pet hedgehog, named Mojo! She gets in all this trouble to save her Mojo. Anybody who puts their life on the line for an animal is perfect in my book. Anyways.. so Aiden decides that he is going to stay and help her get her Mojo back.. even though he has no clue what her Mojo really is… That is when I knew I was in love with Aiden. Well that and then later on in the book he carries Mojo in his sweatshirt hood… Sigh. Thats’s just awesome.

So Aiden and Grace have the suits after them, but they later find out that they also have the demon possessed humans after them as well. There’s a lot of things that happen here but I hate spoilers and I am trying my hardest not to give too much away. But eventually Grace ends up in Seattle to talk to Aiden’s friends and their mates. Aiden follows and finds out that Wanno (which is the demon inside of him) is really in there and that Leeha is able to call him to her… Scary right? That can only lead to trouble.. That girl needs her head readjusted 🙂

I loved everything about this book. There wasn’t one time during it that I was like “I hate that, or I wish that had been different”. There aren’t a lot of books that I feel that way about. There is just enough action, just enough romance, and just enough humor. Oh and the werewolves are in it to, did I mention that? I feel like I should have. They are funny guys.

Prick by Sabrina Paige

24422234Prick by Sabrina Paige
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Okay.. this book was sooooo corny… but I loved it. I am not a huge fan of the step brother romances. I honestly don’t get the appeal. Wait that’s a total lie. I get it, but I just think that it is over played and usually the books end up being way to cheesy for me… Like I said this one was corny towards the end but it wasn’t too much.

I went into this book thinking I was going to hate it. I honestly didn’t think I would finish it. But really they were never related while they were together. Their parents were engaged.. but eh who cares they weren’t related so whatever. Ive never had a problem with it being taboo but just in case that is one of your hangups.. it’s written to where they aren’t actual step siblings while they are together.

What made the book awesome— Caulter and Kate. Kate was a priss with attitude. I was afraid she was going to be TSTL character but she wasn’t! YAY. I actually liked her quite a lot. Especially since Caulter was a douche bag at first.. Kate gave it right back to him though. I absolutely loved the love/hate thing they had going on. I also loved that we got Caulter POV. I am 100% sure that if I didn’t get his thoughts, I would have hated the book, because he would have just looked like a total Prick. But because we knew what he was actually thinking, he was easy to fall in love with.

Blood Vengeance by L.E. Wilson

25311288Blood Vengeance by L.E. Wilson
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I enjoyed this book! If you are looking for a sweet vampire mating, then this is not your book. This book is kind of dark. I will be honest and tell you guys that I didn’t read the first book. It wouldn’t let me buy it on amazon for some reason? I have no clue but I read this one anyways. Even though it’s not the first book.. I really didn’t get lost. I am sad that I don’t know all of Nikulas and Emma’s story but I know how it ended so that will just have to be good enough for me.

In this book we have Luukas (side note: I love how his name is spelled) who has been in captivity for 7 years. He has been stripped of his master vampire powers and has been repeatedly tortured and denied of blood. We find out that Keira is the witch who has made all of this possible. She took his powers and helped the evil vampire Leeha. But Keira didn’t want to do any of those things. She was blackmailed into doing them and in the end she tries to help Luukas as much as she can. But when rescue comes Luukas is half crazed and tries to kill her.. but he can’t because she is his.

Through out the book Luukas is struggling with a darkness in his mind. He goes back and forth on wether he should kill Keira or not and he does not believe in the fated mate fairytale. He tries everything he can think of to prove that it isn’t true. This is the only real issue I have with the book. I know he was struggling with insanity but I hated that he constantly thought about killing her and how once his mind was better he would be done with her…. it just formed a negative opinion for him in my mind. There was one point in the book.. well I really can’t tell you with out giving things away but he almost let her die when he could have saved her from all her suffering. I tried really hard to look at things from his perspective but it was hard for me because he didn’t start to treat her well until the last chapter of the book.

I am really excited to get into Blood Obsession and see what is going on with Aiden!

Forever Love by Kimberly Cummons

29071311Forever Love by Kimberly Cummons
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I received this book at the Goodreads Lovers of Paranormal group for free in exchange for a fair and honest review
3.5 stars

I enjoyed this book.. I really did but there were some things that I found irritating about it.

1-Cassie accepted her immortality way too easily. Um, if someone kidnapped me and injected me with who know what, I would be freaking the hell out. I wouldn’t just accept something just because some hot guy says it. I would be thinking “okay what does this kidnapper want now”. Just because a guy says he won’t hurt you doesn’t mean it’s true. Cassie was just like ‘oh okay’.

2-After her kidnapping you would think that she would I don’t know need a breather before jumping some guy she just met bones. Or am I just crazy? Think about it though. She is all over Keegan. She was just kidnapped, found out her live has 100% changed and she can live forever. So what does Cassie do? She makes out with a guy she literally just met and she has nicknamed dangerous. Riiiiiight. Seems legit.

3-There were misspellings. Everyone who has ever read any of my reviews, knows that I can’t spell anything right and my grammar is appalling. It’s no secret. I freely admit it. So if I notice errors in a book… I think they have to be kind of really bad.

Okay there are also a lot of things that I liked about the book.

There were a lot of characters.. like a lot. I usually don’t enjoy that because it’s hard to keep them all separate. Especially when it’s the first book. But Kimberly Cummons didn’t confuse me with her many characters. I was able to keep them straight and not confuse them. There were a few times I had to re-read some things but for the most part the characters were strong enough that I didn’t confuse them.

I also LOVED the Aeterni storyline as a whole. Being immortal is something that is interesting enough but I loved that she took it a step farther and made a whole new ‘race’ of men and the fact that Cassie is the first female immortal. It was different and I think there are a lot of places that Cummons can go with it.

The ending made it seem like there would be more books.. I hope there are more books. I will defiantly be reading them.

The Demon You Know by Christine Warren

313264The Demon You Know by Christine Warren
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

I was disappointed with this book. I liked Rule in the last book and I was excited for him to have his own book. But this one didn’t work for me.

Abby was terrible. She was whiney and rude and just plain dumb. She was having a pretty bad day. I get it. I would freak the hell out if I found out I had a fiend inside me too. But my god she went bat shit crazy. She was yelling and insulting the only freaking people who could save her. Telling Rule how unholy he is. And poor Tessa.. If I was Tessa I would have left the damn thing inside her. I mean I know she couldn’t in order to save the worlds but still Abby was a complete bitch. To everyone. I hated her. It’s been a while since I have hated a character as much as I hate Abby. Also she ran. I can’t stand that. She is being protected by a pack of werewolves, a demon, and a witch and she runs to her brother.. WTF. just stupid. Invite your brother to where you are but don’t run away. I know she thought everyone was lying to her but would you really take the chance that they weren’t? hell no. Because if it’s true and you die the whole effing world dies with you, you stupid cow. UGH!!! and then later on, she gets bored, yes bored and decides there’s no harm going to lunch with a friend. Even though everyone told her to stay put (inside a freaking monstrosity of a house with everything at your disposal) Her logic though.. she’s going with a werewolf so it has to be safe. Dumb bitch gets her self captured. I also want to point out that it wasn’t like she was there for months.. or weeks.. it was days… I can’t remember exactly how many but I want to say 2..

Rule.. well I dunno. I don’t think I have any feelings about him at all.. I hate that he won’t age and Abby will. I hate immortal couples that don’t have a way around that. Even if I hated Abby.

Now that I am writing the review and I have had a couple days to sit on the book, I have no idea why it even got 2 stars.. Maybe just because I love the author and I have loved this series. So I will leave it at 2 stars but really.. it’s a 1 star book for me.

Fire Rising by Donna Grant

18404115I hate it when a female character is in danger and someone tells her one little thing about the male and the female runs away. It happens so often in books and I just can’t stand it. This is the second book this week that I have read where this happens. EVERYTHING could have been avoided if Sammie didn’t run from the freaking mountain. OMG I just remembered that she ran TWICE! She came to her sister just to rest but then found all the dragon guys and they were going to help her and she ran! To be fair the first time she didn’t know those guys were dragons.. but still. She was at a huge castle filled with hulking men and a sister who promised they could help her out.

So I hated Sammie she was TSTL… Tristan was a good character though. He was extremely stubborn and fought the attraction to Sammie but he still protected her. Even when she was being a twit. So props to him because if I had gotten someone to a safe place and they ran, I would be like okay see ya, Enjoy your captivity and eventual death you stupid, stupid girl. But of course Tristan didn’t do that he got all his dragon peeps and his warrior peeps to get her back. Sigh. The trouble woman cause.

I didn’t feel the connection with Sammie and Tristan. I know that she was his Dragon Mate or whatever and there was the whole insta lust going on. But most of the book was with them apart and the one time they actually spent a night together, their interactions were glossed over. Not the sex part but the part where they actually you know talked and got to know each other. I know I have said this a million times but insta-love doesn’t bother me if it was written right… this time it wasn’t written right. Because I hated it. Tristan denied Sammie up until the end and Sammie kept running away.

Really one of the only things I did love about the book was Tristan and Ian. They had a WAY better connection than Tristan and Sammie. But I hated how dejected Ian was when Tristan couldn’t remember him. Think about how awful that would be… to go 400 or however many years thinking your brother was gone, only to get him back and he has no clue who you are. Absolutely devastating and I have always loved Ian. SO I was so excited when Tristan slowly.. very slowly starts to get glimpses of himself as a warrior and him with Ian. I also loved when they fought together. Because it was obvious they had done it a million times before because they were perfectly in sync with each other. Is there anything greater than brotherly love? well yeah… but it defiantly wasn’t the romantic love in this book. The brotherly love was so much better.

As with the last book I also loved having the warriors involved. I love it when an author has multiple series and they all connect together. My little heart gets excited when a character from a past book shows up. “I know him! I know her!” Yes I actually say this out loud every time. Donna Grant weaves the characters together so well. I think that would be difficult. Maybe it’s not. I dunno but it seems like it would be hard.

You defiantly need to read the warrior books first. I know I said that in the last books review but it’s true. 1-the characters all show up and it’s so much better to know who they are. 2- spoilers and lots of them. Especially in this one since Tristan is so tied with the warriors.