Midnight’s Temptation by Donna Grant

16108867There will be spoilers and this is going to be a rant because this book pissed me the F off.

But serious spoilers. Like MAJOR ones. So don’t read farther unless you’ve read the book.

Okay so the first part of the book wasn’t terrible… It wasn’t good but i defiantly wasn’t terrble. I hated that Aisley had to keep who she really was from Phelan. But she HAD to. He would have killed her if she would have told him. So I get it. Plus she did run away for 2 months AND she tried to get away after the first night. So I mean she tried. I was okay with her and everything else at this point. Whatever there is some lying but I figured she would tell Phelan and then sure he would be pissed. Because who the hell wouldn’t be? But I thought he would at least listen to her explain!! But NOPE the fuckface didn’t listen to a sigle word she said. He completely ignored her and walked away. This all happens after he plans to take her to his cabin and spend lots and lots of naked time together because he cares so much about her. He just walks away. I HATE HIM. This is something I can’t get over because..

Duh Jason gets her and tortures her within an inch of her life over and over again. And did give away information? NOPE! Because she’s a fucking good person and legitimately loves the asshole. And even later on in the battle, Jason has her convinced that he brought her daughter back to life, she still lies to him and tries to figure out a way to save them both. Meanwhile the douche is watching Aisley battle with her emotions over he daughter. It’s written all over her face that she is in some serious pain and he doesn’t fucking care. Because a woman who is in league with the devil can’t feel that kind of pain so it must be fake.

OH and the freaking best part. Jason throws some magic fire or something towards the douche and Aisley jumps in front of it. Clearly she’s evil. It’s so obvious by everything that she has done up to this point that she is just pure freaking evil. So she just keeps adding to her evil-ness by gasp learning the spell from the ancients that will trap those weird ghost/mist things while she is laying on the ground DYING . Only then does the douche realize that he loves her and doesn’t want her to die. But too fucking bad because she does die.

Course she comes back from the dead because she has crazy phoenix powers or some shit. And she is totally fine with the way the douche treated her. Because who would be mad? Certainly not me. NOOOO. I would defiantly want to marry the douche 3 days after he wanted to kill me. Obviously she is 100% sane and most defiantly made the right decision. Freaking crazy bitch. 

So this is the story of how the harebrained chick fell in love with the douche.


Moon by Laurann Dohner

16005363OK I kinda loved this book. I didn’t think that I would.. The whole shrink who slept with her patient thing just didn’t sit right with me. It made me feel icky. But that’s not really what happened…

I love Moon. He has always been one of my favorite males. He is funny and sweet and he helps out a lot of the other New Species. I like that. I also liked Joy. Do I think she went about everything the right way? Hell no. She kind of screwed the pooch with the whole leaving and not saying goodbye thing. I 100% understand why she left. I also understand why she could not have said she was leaving to Moon directly. But helloooooo tell someone else to explain the reasons to him or write a damn letter. He wouldn’t have been able to leave to find her and he wouldn’t have to go through that rejection. He could have invited her back, not as his shrink. Or IDK just something different could have been done.

This book was a little different than the rest from the series because Moon had no idea who he was or who his friends were. I liked that whole aspect of the story. I liked seeing him slowly piece everything together… but only with Joy. I mean he hated her for leaving him so that sucked but it was still cool to see his mind work. And it was just different all around. No one stole his female to make an example of her and there really wasn’t a whole lot of drama. I mean obviously there was some, but it just didn’t feel the same to me. I may be crazy and I may be making it all up but but I don’t care. It. was. different. And I liked it.

Also I want to see Harley fall in love. He was awesome. I just looked and there isn’t a Harley book?? For real? Not acceptable.

Kinked by Thea Harrison

15808775This series is alway hit or miss with me. I either love the book or I hate it.. and this one I loved. I was a little worried at first, I was afraid that they were going to fight most of the book and that just would have been annoying. But they actually stop that really early on. They agree to have “hate sex” and pretty much after they realize that they are attracted to each other they start getting along. I liked the way the relationship evolved. Quinn actually turned out to be extremely sweet and even more surprisingly so did Aryal. I, like most other readers, was not a huge fan of Aryal. She was always bitchy but this book you learn a lot about her and I now kind of love her. And I really love Quinn. They fit extremely well together. They both needed to be in control and they were able to make compromises so that they both had it. They were rough with each other. Again I liked that because it fit both the characters. They were able to fight and then make up. There was a lot of BDSM type sex talk between them but really that was it.. they talked about it more than they actually did it. The love scenes were rougher.. but that’s just because they both liked control. I have read a few reviews that complained about the BDSM.. It just didn’t seem that way to me. But I thought Id throw that in here in case it’s something that bothers people.

The actual story was kind of slow.. There was a lot of focus on the couple and them building a relationship. They were alone for most of the book. But I loved the couple so it wasn’t terrible.. I just wanted it to get somewhere. And once it got to the end, I thought it went too fast. But overall I enjoyed the book.

Lady Midnight by Cassandra Clare

25494343Question: Why do all of Cassandra Clare’s books have forbidden romances? Will couldn’t have Tessa because of his curse. Jem couldn’t stay with Tessa because of his sickness. Jace couldn’t have Clary because they thought they were siblings. And now Julian can’t have Emma because he is her parabatai. Not to mention all the side character romances. Like the hint of Mark and Cristina. Of course that can’t happen because Mark was dating/in love with a fae and then Cristina was kissing her ex. I freaking hate that shit. Why? Seriously, why freaking do it. Just let the effing couple be together. Adding the forbidden love aspect does NOT make it more interesting. It makes me not want to read any more of the books. Because you know that there are 3 and that they won’t get together until the last one. So I will hate the next book for sure. Just let the story be about fighting the demons with a little side bit of HAPPY romance.

This book was good. I loved how Cassandra Clare tied in the characters from her other books. Though I will admit that I teared up a little bit when Emma pointed out that Jem looked 26 while Tessa still looked 19. I can’t explain why Will, Jem, and Tessa’s story hit me so hard every time it’s mentioned but it does. I loved that Jem and Tessa are involved in this book. Don’t get me wrong. I just think that in the next couple books as he starts to age more that Im going to loose my mind.

It was also nice to see Clary, Jace, and Magnus. And to learn about what was going on in their lives. I didn’t get attached to those characters but I still enjoyed learning more about them.

Honestly the only thing I didn’t like about the book was the romance. The story was fantastic, the action fantastic, the whole plot was just fantastic. I loved all the characters. But the romance! I would rather there be none than have 2 people in love but can’t do anything about it. And what Emma did at the end! UGH. I mean I get it.. But I HATE that it was in the book at all. I hate being frustrated by a book. I want to be happy when I read. I defiantly don’t want to have anxiety. I tend to focus on the romances in books. So when they make me want to scream I really don’t want to read anymore.

The Undoing by Shelly Laurenston

I absolutely loved this book! I liked it even better than the first one. Jace is so freaking awesome. I am pretty sure I am half in love with her myself. She is a FEMALE berserker! Yay to female power. What I really love about her is that the berserker is completely not like her normal personality. She is kind of shy and totally quiet but when she gets mad, you better run.

Shelly Laurenston write hilarious books. I will read literally ANYTHING she writes because they always make me laugh and this one is no exception. I laughed at work, I laughed while “listening” to my fiancé, and I laughed alone while my dogs silently judged me. But I don’t care! I love books that make me laugh and Shelly Laurenston is fantastic at that. So therefore I love her and I love this book!