Scorned by Jennifer Snyder

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000446_00070]If you haven’t read the first two books from the Marked series then you probably should do that.  1- they are fantastic book.  2- This book will ruin the first two if you haven’t read them yet.

This book is all about Shelby.  I will admit that I was a little bit scared.. ok ALOT scared to read her story.  I absolutely hated her in the first 2 books.  So I was interested in how Jennifer Snyder could make me like her… And that most defiantly did not happen in this book.  Her plans for Tessa were unforgivable. Also how she used Gavin wasn’t that great either.  I want to like her.  I try to look at things through her perspective and try to imagine how she is feeling… I felt bad for her a couple times.  Her mother is a terrible person but Shelby is ultimately  responsible for her own actions. So I still hate Shelby.  I can’t wait for the next one to see if she can change my mind.


Rock Chick Redemption by Kristen Ashley

9799572I LOVE ROXIE. I need her in my life for real. I went into this book thinking I wouldn’t like it because I really, really hated the last one.

Roxie is trying to get away from a crazy ex-boyfriend so she goes to Denver to see her Uncle Tex. Yes that Tex. The crazy guy that I just want to cuddle up with. Yeah so she goes to Fortnums and all the Rock Chicks are there and all the Guys… I hate the Hot Bunch nickname that they get. Anyways she walks in there and of course everyone makes a huge scene because Tex has family. But thats where she meets Hank aka Whiskey.

Roxie tries to stay away from Hank but he just doesn’t listen to no. I know some people were annoyed by that but really thats what those Denver boys do. So it just didn’t bother me. Hank and the gang help Roxie with her ex-boyfriend and the drug dealers that are after him. And the Rock Chicks take her in immediately. “I’m going to kill that motherfucker!” I’m pretty sure most of the gang, including her father, said this at one point about her ex. Why did I love this? I have no idea but I did. I love that everyone in these books bans together to help each other out.

It’s really hard not to love Roxie.. I mean at least for me. I think a lot of it is her attitude toward life in general. She was kidnapped and beaten and tied to a freaking sink.. but she didn’t break down.. at least not really, she was just determined. I like that she didn’t go into hysterics. God knows I would have. I also like that she is a complete nut. She is a talker for sure. Sometimes it’s hard to get her to shut up and its not like boring girl talk either. Its her funny ramblings. Its endearing and hilarious and Hank thinks it’s cute. So yay him. I think if Roxie personality would have been different I would feel differently about this book. The Rock Chicks can bring on the funny but what made the book so amazing was that Roxie was kind of crazy.. but in a Tex kind of way. So it was a good crazy.

And then there is Roxie’s parents. OMG they were absolutely hilarious. I can see how Roxie didn’t think so but it’s also obvious that being nutty just runs in the family. They came in and took over everything. I also think it was the time that I knew I was in love with Hank as well. Because he didn’t mind her family! It amused him. Which I guess I should have known because of how he feels about Roxie and she is pretty much exactly her mother. So I guess it should have been obvious but whatever. Hank is a good guy and Roxie needed someone as domineering as him. It works because he is a good guy and wants to keep her safe.

This whole book was just funny. I laughed pretty much the whole time. I love the Rock Chick gang. I love the new additions. I love Roxie and Hank. I just LOVED this book.

Grave Memory by Kalayna Price

12620451I love and hate this book. I love it up until the last 10 mins and then I want to scream and rage at Kalayna Price for getting my hopes up and crushing them. Especially since I have ordered the next book but I am still waiting on it.. so I am not happy.

I am team Death. All the freaking way. It’s not that I don’t like Falin.. because I do. I just think he has done too many things that I wouldn’t be able to get over. I understand that he is being forced to do those things by the Winter Queen. Still I don’t have to like it.. or get over it. I now remember why I don’t like love triangles. I always get waaay too into the characters. I need an author to tell me who to root for. This one didn’t bother me at first because it was kinda obvious that Falin was the clear choice so it just wasn’t much of a triangle. But now, NOW after this stupid book I will be so upset if she doesn’t end up with Death. GGGRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!

Okay the story… Nope screw it I’m too upset by the last part of this book. You gave me a dream Price and then you took it away. I will rate this book minus the last couple minutes.. because otherwise it would be negative stars.

Marked in Flesh by Anne Bishop

22062202There will be spoilers. Sorry but I just can’t help it!

I love everything about this book. It’s hard for me to write a review for this series.. Just because there are so many POVs.

Let’s talk about Meg. She is one of the greatest female characters ever. She can not fight and she is very soft spoken. I usually HATE those kinds of characters but Meg is so strong in other ways that it totally overpowers any dislike towards her. In this book she is trying to make a “prophecy deck” using tarot cards and other different kinds of cards. She is doing this to help her and other “sweet bloods” (I like that term waaay better than cassandra sangue) stop cutting and it actually helps out a lot with her. She had difficulty interpreting what the cards mean when she picks them but with help she figures them out. Idk I just think she is completely awesome. She is so innocent.. but then she isn’t because of everything that has been done to her and everything she has seen.

In this book we have the Human’s First (crap I can’t remember if thats the actual name now…?) but a group of Human radicals that want to wipe out all the terra indigene. They put a plan in motion that ends up killing a lot of wolves all over the country. BAD, BAD humans! The terra indigene won’t stand for that and neither will The Elders. Those guys are scary for sure. They come in and kill millions of humans… They also like Meg.. It’s impossible not to! She freaking howls like a wolf. So I think we will be seeing a lot more of The Elders around the Lakeside courtyard in the next book.

One of the things I love most about this book.. and all the others from the series.. is the way the terra indigene interact with the humans and their protectiveness of Meg. The thing I love the most? Simon and Meg. Duh. Simon is so ignorant of human customs when it comes to relationships that is humorous to watch him try to navigate it an I love that Meg doesn’t want him to be more human. She needs both the wolf and the man. Let’s all take a minute and remember the last few minutes of the book. Sigh. Are they not the most perfect “couple”?

Obviously there is a theme here. I love Meg and anyone who loves Meg, I also love. It is incredible how Anne Bishop wrote a character that even I as the reader feel protective over. Because I do. Isn’t that crazy? Ive never felt that way towards a character but I want to reach out and keep her safe. You are awesome Anne.

Fury’s Kiss by Karen Chance

12114440There was soooo much going on in this book.. I really don’t feel like I can write a review with out giving anything away. So I am just going to talk about randomness and then be done. You’re welcome.

I have loved Dory in the first two books but in this one she kind of annoyed me, just a little bit. I mean I still love her but she is 500 years old.. 500.. And I feel like she acts like a child sometimes. I get her daddy issues and I understand that for 500 years everyone has looked at her with contempt but idk I just think after so long that you wouldn’t have to point it out every time your dad upsets you. I mean EVERY time Mircea did anything that wasn’t perfect she would point out that it has been like that for 500 years.. That is completely unnecessary. OH! and when anyone would try to talk she freaking interrupted them. Like the whole effing story! So a story that should have taken maybe eh 2 pages turns into 7 because everyone has to tell her to be patient and listen. Just annoying.

The opposite happened with Mircea.. I use to HATE him. I have read all the Cassie books and I just can’t freaking stand him, like at all. But in this book I have grown kinda fond to him. In my opinion he is a fantastic father. Everything he has ever done was only to help Dory. And lets be honest, she is a complete bitch to him and instead of getting upset (well really Mircea never gets upset about anything but still) he remains calm and I just think that he deals with everything really well. A lot better than I would ever be able to. So I won’t say that I love him and I still don’t want him to end up with Cassie but I respect him. I understand why he did a lot of the things that he did in the other series.

There were times that I got completely lost.. There would be a lot of action going on and then she was waking up in a bed.. Nothing about her passing out or anything. For awhile I thought that all the bad things that were happening was a dream brought on by the fairy wine. It does explain everything in the end but it was just frustrating not knowing what the hell was going on.

I can’t believe I have gone this long with out talking about Louis-Cesare! He is perfect. Seriously. I love him. I also kind of love Ray.. yeahhhhh he was kinda awesome in this book. He was funny and he kicked a lot of zombie butt. I think he is a great side character.

What I love about these books is that they line up with the other series really well. Karen Chance did a fantastic job at tying the stories together. Right now both series are around the same place in the timeline.. Well I think Dory’s goes a little farther. I am excited to see what happens next in Cassie’s story and see if Dory will be there. I would think she would have to be because of what happens at the end. I just think its going to be interesting.

Barbarian’s Prize by Ruby Dixon

28096224I freaking love the blue aliens. Salukh is no exception. He was so sweet and caring. Tiffany I didn’t really like but that’s alright. I read this series because it’s funny… this book really wasn’t all that funny. So I was a little disappointed with it. But I completely understand why Tiffany has her fears. She is 100% justified.. Salukh handled her fears perfectly. He didn’t push her to do more than she was ready for, he let her control the sexual part of the relationship.. of course that didn’t stop him from stalking her.. for her safety of course.

It’s a cute story… Never thought I’d say that about big blue aliens with horns and hard plates in their skin.. But to me, it was just not as fantastic as the rest of the books.

I can’t get enough of the blue guys…. I’m pretty sure I’m going to go back and re-read these because Josie’s book doesn’t come out for another month. I am beyond excited for that book! I like Josie, she reminds me of Liz and her cootie likes someone she hates… it’s a recipe for disaster and I wouldn’t have my books any other way.

Moon Sworn by Keri Arthur

6986858Mild spoilers.. maybe? Probably.

hm. It’s over. Not quite sure how I feel about that.. Except that I am happy that it’s over. I was basically forcing myself to go on in the series. It was a lot of the same story in each book. The only difference was who she was sleeping with at the time and her only steady lover(Quinn) I absolutely hated. So I just had a really hard time getting emotionally attached to the characters. But by time I formulated that opinion I was already 4 or 5 books in and I just had to finish it.

I will say that this book was pretty good. There was a lot of unresolved problems that finally came to an end. Riley was dealing with Kade and Kye’s deaths, so that added some depth to her, I think. She has always been kind of unemotional and I hated that. It sucks that it only happened in the last book. She also had Blake, her old packs leader, trying to get his revenge. I like what happened with the pack.

Then there is Quinn… ugh… My opinion of him changed in the last book. From absolute loathing to ehhh I don’t really care and this book brought him up just a little bit higher.. Just a little. I hold grudges against characters and I still can’t get over the whole mind manipulation thing. Sorry buddy.

At the end of this book though, I do think him and Riley are perfect together. I love Rhoan and Liander. They are by far the best people in the book. I think the only reason I read on was because of them. The ending was pretty much perfect. I won’t lie. It’s been pretty obvious from my reviews of this series that it hasn’t been my favorite but the ending made up for it. It’s got to be hard to end a 9 book series and Keri Arthur did a fantastic job. All the loose ends were tied and they all lived happily as a pack. Adorable.